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Your perfect smile is a click away!


Treatments offered by us

As an established practice specialising in general dentistry. We provide a complete range of services for patients of all ages. By paying due care and attention to the long-term effectiveness of the treatments we administer, MB Dental can help patients retain their natural teeth for the remainder of their life. At MB Dental we are committed to delivering optimum standards of dental care for patients of all ages. That is why we provide a full range of general dental treatments, from routine examinations to root canal therapy.

Clear Braces

The purpose of orthodontic braces is to treat your misaligned, crooked, crowded or protruding teeth.

Tooth Filling

If you dream of being able to throw your head back and laugh with wild abandon, then invisible white fillings

Dental Crowns

A crown is a protective cover fitted over the existing structure of a broken or damaged tooth....

Dental Bridges

Bridges are a series of crowns joined together to close a space left by the loss of a tooth. They are..


Dentures are removable replacements for your missing teeth, designed to look and function like...


Veneers are thin sheets of laminate being applied to the front tooth surface in a similar way to...

Dental Implant

Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, but sometimes they don't! Replacing missing teeth...

Cleaning & Biofilm Therapy
Cleaning & Biofilm Therapy helps avoid serious and costly dental problems and is the key to having..
Teeth Whitening

One of the simplest, quickest and most effective ways to improve the appearance of your smile...

Dental Check-Ups

The mouth is resistant to many bacteria that constantly invade it. Teeth have their weak spots

Children’s Dentistry

Sometimes the hardest part of finding the right pediatric dentist is finding someone that your children

Tooth Extraction

We always help you save your tooth, but if a removal is needed, we do everything possible to make it as


We are proud to provide a welcoming alternative where you can receive customised preventative dental.

Guards and Appliances

Protect you teeth! Wearing a guard is a proactive step taken to protect your existing, healthy teeth. Guards are made

Bad Breath

Bad breath is actually very common, and usually the persons with it are unaware they even have it.

Emergency Care

We aim to see every single urgent patient on the same day. In general In general we keep some space for each dentist

Air Flow

Air FLow removes biofilm, stains and young calculus on natural teeth, restorations and implants.

Root Canel

Treatments are performed to the highest standards using the latest techniques and materials. Our Dentists have